With Men, the Best Communication is Clear Communication

Couple having a conversation with clear communication
Question:Why is clear communication with men so hard sometimes?
We women pride ourselves on our communication skills so why do we find it so hard to speak up for what we want when it comes to our relationships? Is it fear of rejection, or uncomfortable awkward conversations? It’s tempting to ride on the chemistry and assume it’ll work out in the end. I’ve discovered the hard way by disappointment and hurt feelings that with men, the best communication is clear communication.
You know how your teacher gives you a practice quiz for the test on Friday and afterwards you realize you actually don’t know the difference between solar and lunar eclipses? But it’s a good thing because now you know what you don’t know?
Same with guys.
When you express to him what you want, you might actually learn something. My motto is assume nothing.
Note well: 
If the issue is about the future of your relationship, your timing is crucial.
As I explained before, men usually are slower to figure out how much they like you, and whether they want to be exclusive. Jumping the gun before this point won’t help you. However, I’ve prepared a chart of suggested timeframes just in case you were wondering.
Suggested relationship timeframes
Oh yes I did!
Just my 2 cents. To me, a relationship upshift means going from friend to girlfriend to fiancee to wife.
Bearing in mind that this is a blog for marriage-minded women, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!
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