I went to the AJC Decatur Book Festival! (video)

What’s up, guys?  I went to the Decatur Book Festival a few weeks ago to present my new book ‘Dating on Purpose: an Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating for Commitment-Conscious Millennials.

Tia Truthteller at Emerging Writers Pavilion of AJC Decatur Book Festival
For authors, your book is your baby. That sign was like a baptismal font for me.


The festival marked a couple of firsts for me:
1. My first author speaking opportunity.
2. My first public book signing
3. My first book festival, period.

The AJC Book Festival video

And since there was so many personal firsts, I scooped them up into a 1 minute video for your viewing pleasure. I told you I was experimenting with content presentation, right?


Now, having never been to a book festival, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d looked at the AJC Decatur Book Festival website where I found a 3 day schedule chock full of author presentations, discussions and entertainment interludes. If I didn’t have a husband and small kids I probably would’ve spent the whole weekend there, roaming the 21 stages. But with the real world limitations placed on me, once I discovered my assigned speaking slot was 3pm Sunday, I decided Sunday would be my day to enjoy it all.

The Emerging Writers Pavilion

That’s the place for the newbies. It was a long tent with rows of books arranged by category. There was a small podium at one end with about 5 rows of chairs for people listening to authors who chose to speak. I chose to speak (for an extra fee) so after I strolled around a bit I sat down and enjoyed the presentations by other authors as I waited for my turn.

Mic check

Which was when I discovered they were having audio issues. It’s a loud outdoor festival and it was really hard hearing the authors speak. Now, being a mom, I have no problem shouting raising my voice when I have to, but those are usually just a few well-selected words, not 5 minutes speeches.

Luckily they fixed the problem right before I took the stage. Turns out it was nothing fresh batteries couldn’t fix. Whew!

My Talk

Even though it wasn’t a large crowd, it was still my first time giving a talk! I’d been told to imagine the people naked (too distracting). Someone else told me to look right above people’s eye-level or in between them. That was easier for me, but for some strange reason my eyes kept resting on a young man in the audience. His face was so neutral and calming. I think he knew nothing I was talking about pertained to him so he was cool. Here’s a snippet of my talk:



I’ll give you the rest over the next two weeks.

I love you all and together we’ll spread the gospel of intentional dating!




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