Meet Me at The Millennial Wives Club Today



Hey guys!

There’s no blog post today.



I’m so excited, my friend Tia, founder of The Millennial Wives Club is letting me guest post “3 Lessons I Learned Being Married”. Here’s what The Millennial Wives Club is all about, in Tia’s words:


The Millennial Wives Club was created to bring support to myself  as well as other Millennial women who are dealing with major transitional life events, such as marriage, motherhood, career, new location, and a new identity. The goal and mission of The Millennial Wives Club is to figure out life together and to be supportive of wherever you are in life so that you know that you are not alone.

She’s doing amazing things over there!

So check it out and meet me back here tomorrow for the conclusion of “6 Reasons Why Talking Trumps Texting in Developing Relationships”.

Up Millennial Wives Club!

Up Club Tia!!


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