How do you Prepare for Dating Success? You Woman Up!

How do you prepare for dating success?

Hair laid? Check.

Nails gleaming like little jewels on your fingertips.

Makeup application skills on point. Those Youtube tutorials paid off!

But what about the “you” inside? How do you prepare yourself for real dating success?

You Woman Up!

prepare-for-dating-success-by Woman-up-first

Why Woman Up first?

Dating is a series of false starts-it takes a toll on your outlook. You have to fight to remain serene and optimistic.

Showing up as a high value woman means defining and defending your personal boundaries, fully aware that this may risk you losing him. Because you know this is the way you show you have standards.

Because it gives us the emotional bravery to make ourselves vulnerable. When we’re sampled but not ultimately chosen (for whatever reason, many to do with choice overload) we can’t crumble. By definition, of all the men we come across while dating, most will not be “The One”. 

What Happens when you Woman Up?

You get comfortable with communicating your needs in a firm but respectful way that will make you feel good about yourself and make it clearer if you’re dealing with someone who gives a crap about your feelings and is wanting the same things out of a relationship that you do. You want to be paired up, but not at any cost!

You’re more likely to remove yourself from situations where you’re not treated with care and respect instead of hanging in there hoping for change. And guess what? Sometimes a situation can improve, but not till you vote with your feet and walk away. Being proactive, being assertive and standing up for yourself can sometimes spark the change you want to see. And if it doesn’t,

a. Well now you know (and we always want to know where we stand) and

b. You’ve closed that chapter and can make room in your life for something better.

Lifes a ship and you are the captain Honor the map in your soul. Prepare for dating success by steering your ship of life

In short, when you woman up, you gain relationship leverage and can start making such power moves.

I call them power moves because they can catalyze positive relationship change OR they can end it.

You need to woman up first so you’ll be ready, whichever way the cookie crumbles.

Because this is your life, your ship, your future.

Next time: How to Woman Up, step by step. Tag a friend who could use this message.

xoxo Bravehearts,



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