I’m Tia Truthteller and my mission is to empower young women in all things love and life. I do this by sharing my “truths”, lessons the school of life has taught me.
I offer intentional dating tips for marriage-minded modern women with traditional values. When you’re tired of simply dating to go with the flow, it’s time to start dating with purpose! Grab my free ebook “The Men’s Commitment Formula” and learn the 4 factors needed to take a relationship to the next level.



I’ve also collected everything you need to know about Intentional Dating in one illustrated book. It’s packed with pictures and stories to keep the learning fun. Click below and preview “Dating on Purpose: an Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating for Commitment-Conscious Millennials” yourself!

What readers are saying:

“The author handles a relevant topic with ease and expertise”Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“An easy read, insightful and eye- opening. If you want to have a meaningful relationship, then ‘Dating on Purpose’ is your guide. The power of dating belongs to us, WOMEN!-Sister from South Africa

“Insightful, enjoyable & 100% relevant. I wish I’d read this a decade ago”-Ashley

“I expected the book to shine a light on how men think: I just wasn’t expecting Tia Truthteller to also read my life in the process LOL!”-Nikki

“It was nice to know that the premise is to navigate to a committed, even monogamous relationship in this new, more open society. If you want some non judgmental advice on Dating with Purpose, get this book.”-Les York

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