Coming Soon: An Intentional Dating Handbook for Millennial Women of Class & Grace

Guys, I’m so excited! My book will be out next month!

Some of you may know I’ve been working on an intentional dating handbook (dating with purpose once you’re thinking about getting married). It’s called Dating with Purpose-an Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating for Commitment-Conscious Millennials. Because dating ain’t what it used to be, commitment is a dying concept and yet, girls still wanna get married. Its my mission to support you in that journey and I feel this book will give you a distinct advantage.

Book Poster Coming Soon- Dating with Purpose-an Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating for Commitment-Conscious Millennials.

Coming soon- a collection of tips, tricks and best practices for marriage minded millennial women

I do my best to spread my message with blogging and social media, but I felt if I collected everything in one place, one handy-dandy little handbook, then that would be more convenient for everyone (and easier for me). My book is meant for the millennial woman who strives to carry herself with class and grace (I know, it ain’t always easy). It’s free of foul language but at the same time, it’s not airy fairy. I’m not airy fairy.

Here’s what I mean. This is one of my Instagram posts last week:

*Start Instagram quote*

Future brides need to be realistic about the power of love. If Love conquers all, then why is the divorce rate so high



Future brides, I don’t ask this question flippantly-I want you to ponder a bit. I’ve seen and read about lots of young women dating guys with great personalities but concerned, because their values don’t seem to align and they’re not sure how big of a deal this is. Are expectations too high? You can ask your friends, but at the end of the day, the shoe is on your foot. How does it feel?

Ask yourself: “Do I trust him and his judgement?”

“Can I see myself living happily long-term with this behavior without resenting him?

And if you are BOTH committed to a future together, please enroll in a good premarital counseling program. This can open the door to the meaty conversations that give you a window into what a shared future would look like.

*End Instagram Post*

I don’t sugarcoat my truths

I could easily have posted a motivational “Love Conquers All” quote card, but why? There’s plenty of that out there already, hence lots of unrealistic relationship expectations running wild. I try to keep it real and prime you for authentic long term relationship success. Because I think

There's way more focus on wedding planning than on priming those marriages to succeed.Click To Tweet

To get free sample of it, grab  your free mini ebook which is “The Men’s Commitment Formula”. The keys to the kingdom, people. Just enter your email in the right sidebar to download it. If you have, please share what you like best about it and forward this page to a friend who could use this information.

Either way, you’ll get first access and a hefty discount when it’s ready.

I can’t wait! P.S. I’ve got another surprise coming.

Have a great week, my lovelies,



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