Happy Holidays from Tia!

Hi guys,

as you read this I’m in sunny Florida about to explore Universal Studios and Disneyworld with the family. Honestly speaking I’ve been putting this off till my youngest (11 years old) were big enough to stand in line on their own and do the theme park thing on their own steam. The last time we went, my youngest was 10 months old and I remember pushing the stroller or carrying her on my back Nigerian-style. Not this time!

I’ll post a video recap when I get back. I post some of these adventures in my Instagram stories so if you’re there, follow me @TiaTruthteller. As a matter of fact, you can follow me at that handle on Facebook and Pinterest too.

What are you up to this time of year? I’d love to hear your stories or see your photos. Tag me @TiaTruthteller if you’d like ┬áto share!

I wish you Happy Holidays and a healthy, happy New Year ahead!



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