The Awesome Power of the Vision Board Effect

The awesome power of the vision board effect. This woman relaxing on a chaise represented how I was going to do me in my next chapter

Do vision boards really work?

Can you really expect magazine clippings to help you get the life you want?

I say yes! I think they are a great way to start the journey.

Vision boards have power.

I discovered firsthand how important it is to have a picture in your head of the life you want, no matter what your ‘today’ looks like. I’ll tell you a true story, something that gave me the kernel for my book.

Many years ago I was in a long term relationship and I wasn’t very happy. I communicated my feelings to my guy and tried to work things out but nothing changed. Reluctantly (because I was in love, you see) I decided that since most of my life was ahead of me, I owed it to my future to break it off and move on by myself. I made plans to leave him, move to another city and start a new life.

Once I started imagining my next chapter, something happened. My mind had something else to occupy it besides sadness as I started looking for a new place, browsing  apartments online.

I tore out a picture of a gorgeous chaise in a magazine and I would daydream about how I’d soon be relaxing on it with my books and tea, healing my soul. My little lounge, my me-space. Decorated exactly how I wanted.

Thoughts of the chaise I would buy to decorate my new space mitigated the sadness I felt about my imminent breakup
Image by Mike Licht. Creative Commons license

I started getting back my joy.

The thoughts of the brighter future ahead of me kept me going when I was in that dark place. They diluted the sadness in my soul. The vision gave me a way to focus on the positive and the courage to see just how ok my life could be on the other side of fear.

Now, it turns out, my leaving was the kick in the pants that my guy needed to start to value my place in his life. He later said it was a wake up call. It was only possible because I had the courage to leave, shared history be damned. The attraction I felt to the new life I was ready to make for myself was stronger than the inertia of staying where I wasn’t valued.

That’s the awesome power of having a vision for yourself!

After the visualization

But that’s just the beginning. The next step is to figure out what you can do to  bring your vision to life.



As I read somewhere, a plan is a dream, chopped into steps.

If a meaningful relationship with potential is the goal, then ladies, you need to be dating with a mindset that attracts and filters for marriage material: intentional dating.

Like anything else it’s easier when you prepare first. Dating can be rough!

What do I mean?

I mean learning to “Woman Up” and build emotional bravery to make relationship power moves. Power moves are where you take a stand and don’t just go with a guy’s flow in cases where his flow doesn’t serve you. It could be ignoring a late night text (which only means one thing). It could be pulling the plug on a title-free situationship because you want more. And then NOT GOING BACK on any other terms.

It means showing up in the Dating Arena as a woman of substance.

Believe in yourself and learn to love yourself well.

Healthy self esteem is necessary so you don’t fall prey to users and abusers. Keep your focus on the good in you and the positive vision for your life and it will steer you like a compass.

That’s the awesome power of the vision board effect.

There’s plenty of tips on how to “Woman Up” and start intentional dating in “Dating on Purpose:An Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating for Commitment-Conscious Millennials”

Have you ever created a vision board for yourself? What was your experience? Share in the comments!





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