Welcome! I’m Tia Truthteller.

You’ve landed in a safe space for modern young women with traditional values…and I don’t mean political parties.
My mission is to support you in love and life.

I’m a wife and mom and I share my relationship truths so you can date to achieve the committed relationship you crave.

In my blog, “Woman Up!” you’ll find articles on Intentional Dating which is simply dating to find a life partner  and a primer on The Downshift, which is the ultimate way to find out where you stand with a man if you’re unsure.

My message is for the young woman who knows empowering herself means more than bumping up her sex factor. She revels in her femininity but also enjoys feeling capable and strong. She strives to live with a sense of dignity, class and grace. She senses she can be a feminist without hating or imitating men. By the way, who says it has to be either or?

If you’re tired of dating and desire to one day be married, then stand in your truth and give Intentional Dating a try. Marriage isn’t any more outdated than any other long term committed relationship. And yes, ladies, it’s absolutely okay to consider yourself a feminist and want to get married.

Let me teach you about Intentional Dating and how to Woman Up for best results.
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