3 Reasons Girl BFFs Rock!

girl bffs walking and talking
girl bffs rock!

In honor of National Girlfriends’ Day 2017, I’m going to give you 3 reasons why girl bffs rock.

I always hear young women talking about how their SO is their best friend. Perhaps they do everything together. Wow. Fantastic.

I’m happy for them, but I want to assure the rest who don’t have that combo boyfriend-best friend package that there’s no cause for alarm, and it can actually better if you’ve got a female BFF who really gets and supports you. In fact, I’ll give you 3 reasons why girl bffs rock.

Girl BFFs possess superior Skills in Discussion Empathy

Women know when you call them all upset, you just need someone to vent to. They support your rant with well-timed snorts, “can you imagine!” and general acknowledgement of the abundant ingratitude of men and craziness of this world. This empathy and support is what gives the Vent its therapeutic properties.


  • They understand they’re not necessarily supposed to solve the problem for you, just hear you out.
  • A female bestie knows she may hear this same rant several times and is usually okay with that as long as it gets shorter each time.

Girl BFFs care more about the things you care about

Go ahead and take your male BFF shoe shopping. He’s going to give you crappy advice because he wants to hurry up and he really doesn’t know any better. Most of them don’t have the same degree of interest as you in things you usually need opinions on…which office holiday party outfit has just the right amount of zing, but not too much? “They’re both fine, let’s go, babe”.

Guys don’t want to hurt your feelings so they’re not gonna confess that dress DOES make you look fat when you’re trying to look your best. (Especially if you went off on him last time he made that mistake). Really, can you blame him?

Girl BFFs have Boss Storytelling Skills

Girls know how to tell a story! If you can’t make it to the party, she’s the one that will really tell you what you missed. Guys are all about facts while we’re all about the nuance and detail. Our recaps are like a screenplay- you feel like you were there. It’s so good you sometimes tell them to wait till you have a full uninterrupted 10 minutes to listen because details are important and must be respected!



Men=Boring facts

Women=Enjoyable details

Here’s an example.

Male Best Friend: “I hear Michael (our married friend who fathered a son when he was a teenager but denied it was his) has finally accepted paternity of his son. The boy is 17 now.”

Female Best Friend: “Really? Does it have to do with the fact that the boy’s mom died last year? I hear she had cancer. Does the boy live with them now? Has Michael taken over paying for the private school his mom had him in? Is Michael’s wife nice to him?”

Male Best Friend: “Whoa! Slow down! I didn’t ask him all that! What’s important here is that Michael now accepts paternity.”

Female Best Friend: “What’s important? What’s important?” *in her head* Runs down her list of female mutual friends that know Michael and might be privy to the mountain of missing information. Her male BFF has left her with more questions than answers. She has been left conversationally unsatisfied. Don’t you just hate that?



So how are you celebrating National Girlfriends Day?  Whatever you do, have fun!



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